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Some introduction of amorphous boron powder

What are the chemical properties of amorphous boron powder?
Amorphous boron powder is a black or brown amorphous powder with; the melting point is 2150 ° C the boiling point is 3680 ° C; chemical properties are relatively active, stable at air and room temperature, heated to 300 ° C when oxidized to 700 ° C is on fire, a trace of vaporized boron flame is green. Amorphous boron is chemically active. Powder and air can form explosive mixtures. Preparation of amorphous boron by reducing boron anhydride with magnesium. For solid ramjet engines and smokeless clean propellants. Boron is used in metallurgy, electronics, medicine, ceramics, nuclear industry, chemical industry, etc., in the form of compounds or as an additive added to alloys. Boron's calorific worth is more significant than twice the carbon value and is about two times that of aluminum and more than double that of magnesium. Its calorific value in volume is nearly three times that of hydrocarbon fuel. Its density is just a little less than aluminum and is the most volumetric calorific value. Consequently, boron is considered the top non-metallic fuel for its energy. Because of the irregular shape and large specific surface area of amorphous boron, its ignition temperature is significantly reduced.


Boron powder is widely used in many fields, and the following are some descriptions of its central role:
Explosive additives: Boron powder is an excellent non-metallic fuel; its energy output may be more suitable in some unique environments. Due to its irregular shape and large surface area, its ignition temperature is much lower than other fuels.
Manufacture of high-purity boron halide: Boron powder is an essential raw material for preparing other borides, but it can also be used to manufacture high-purity boron halide.
Metal smelting: In metal smelting, especially in the smelting process of oxygen-free copper, adding a small amount of boron powder can be used as a deoxidizer to prevent metal oxidation at high temperatures.
Components of alloys: boron powder can be utilized as an alloy component in metal products to make alloys and enhance the mechanical properties of metals.
Welding additives: boron powder can be used as an additive in the welding process to improve the welding effect.
Solid rocket propellants: Boron powder can also play a key role in solid rocket propellants.
Airbag initiator: Boron powder can also control airbag deployment in automotive airbag systems.
Magnesium carbon brick additive: In the high-temperature furnace of steelmaking, boron powder can be used as an additive to magnesium carbon brick to improve its performance.
Electronic industry ignition electrode: In the electronics industry, boron powder can be used as the ignition electrode of the ignition tube, which ignites some special gases or substances.
Protective materials: In the atomic energy industry, boron powder can be used for protective materials and control rods in atomic reactors.
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