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Shape memory effect of ni-ti-no alloy

What is Nitinol alloy?
Ni-Ti alloy are a special alloy that can automatically restore its plastic deformation at a certain temperature. Its fatigue life is 1 × damping features 10 times that of ordinary spring. Corrosion resistance is better than the best medical stainless steel at present. Therefore, nickel -titanium alloy can meet the needs of various engineering and medical applications.
Application of Ni-Ti-N alloy
Memory alloy is particularly suitable for thermo-mechanical and thermostatic automatic control. It has been made into an automatic opening and closing arm at room temperature, which can open the ventilation window on a sunny day and automatically close when the room temperature drops at night. There are also many design schemes for memory alloy heat engines, which can work between two kinds of media with low-temperature differences, thus opening up a new way to use industrial cooling water, nuclear reactor waste heat, ocean temperature difference, and solar energy. The common problem now is that the efficiency is not high, only 4%~6%, which needs further improvement. The application of memory alloy in medical treatment is also very attractive. For example, the bone plate used for the bone connection can not only fix the two broken bones but also produce compression in restoring the original shape, forcing the broken bones to join together. The orthodontic wire used in dentistry, the long clip used to ligate cerebral aneurysms and vas deferens, and the support plate used for spinal straightening is all started by the action of body temperature after being implanted in the human body. The thrombus filter is also a new product of memory alloy. After the straightened filter is implanted into the vein, it will gradually return to a network, thus preventing 95% of the blood clots from flowing to the heart and lungs.
Shape memory effect of ni-ti-no alloy
Most NiTi materials are simple alloys of nickel and titanium, and the proportion of the two components is about 50 atomic percent (the weight of nickel is about 55%). However, the fine adjustment of the proportion of the two elements can make the performance of NiTi alloy greatly different, especially its transformation temperature, that is, the temperature at which the crystal structure of the alloy changes from austenite to martensite or vice versa. If the nickel content exceeds 50/50, the transformation temperature will drop sharply, and the yield strength of austenite will increase. Increasing the nickel-titanium ratio to 51/49 will cause the transition temperature to drop by more than 100 ° C. The sensitivity of this property to a slight increase in the percentage of nickel makes it difficult to manufacture Nitinol with uniform and repeatable properties. However, at the same time, this provides manufacturers with a powerful way to control performance and manufacture ingots with the required transition temperature.
Price of nitinol alloy
Nitinol alloy particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of nitinol alloy. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of nitinol alloy can be found on our company's official website.
Nitinol alloy supplier
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