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Production method and application of sodium silicate

Sodium silicate has two production processes: the dry method and the wet method. The dry method also includes the sodium carbonate method, sodium sulfate (sodium sulfate) method, and sodium chloride method; The liquid caustic soda and quartz sand were used as raw materials in the wet process, and the liquid product was obtained after the reaction of temperature and pressure.
Brief introduction of the dry molding process
The furnace uses natural gas regenerative horseshoe flame furnace, and the standby fuel is oil. A belt conveyor unloads The prepared compound material into the kiln head silo. The furnace adopts single-side feeding, and the feeding machine will evenly add the matching material into the furnace according to the liquid level signal and carry out a series of physical and chemical changes at high temperatures to complete the melting and homogenization of the raw material. The molten liquid flows to the chain-plate conveyor; the press roller spreads the liquid evenly and presses it into the negative mold with the regular shape of the chain plate, molding it into a block solid and continuing to cool it to the head and unloading it into the tank on the ground below, the crane transfers it to the forming room for further cooling and storage, and the block solid cooled to room temperature can be packaged.
What are the uses of sodium silicate?
Sodium silicate is widely used, but no alternative products have appeared. Sodium silicate is the most upstream product of the industrial chain and is often used as a basic chemical raw material to produce other downstream products. Sodium silicate is the most valuable filler in soap making industry. Adding sodium silicate into laundry soap can buffer the alkalinity of laundry soap, reduce the loss of laundry soap in water, increase the hardness and washing ability, and prevent soap racks. Sodium silicate plays a role in synthetic detergent to help wash, prevent the corrosion of the washing machine metal, and stabilize the foam; It Can be used as papermaking filler so that the paper in the paper machine operates more smoothly; For the manufacture of silicone gel, silica gel, and other adsorbents; Used as a binder in the casting industry, bonding sand and clay, making a variety of molds and cores, the higher the water glass modulus, the higher the concentration, the stronger the adhesive ability; Water glass coated on the surface of the metal will form alkali metal silicate and SiO2 gel film so that the metal is protected from external acid, alkali and other active chemical media erosion; Used as a binder to bond paper, glass, ceramics, asbestos, wood, plywood, etc. Used in the manufacture of refractory materials, white carbon black, acid-resistant cement; In the textile industry, it is used as a slurry and impregnating agent, as a fixing agent and mordant in the dyeing and embossing of textiles, and as a weight for silk fabrics; Water glass is added to the leather production, and its dispersed colloidal SiO2 is used to produce white soft leather; In the food industry, it can be used to preserve eggs and prevent microorganisms from entering the pores of eggshells and causing deterioration; In the sugar industry, water glass can remove pigment and resin in sugar solution. In addition, sodium silicate has very important uses in medical bandages, battery manufacturing, welding rod manufacturing, steelmaking, and other industries.
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