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Preparation technology of high quality spherical silica

With the advancements in technology and science, the performance of microelectronics keeps improving, and the demands in packaging and technology are growing increasingly demanding.Spherical silica is gradually applied to the production of large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits due to its superior characteristics that other types of quartz powder cannot match, and it is playing an increasingly important role in electronic information technology. Here are several preparation methods.
1. High-temperature plasma melting method
The high-temperature plasma melting method uses the high-temperature gas generated by AC or DC arc plasma as a heat source, sprays quartz powder into the plasma flame, the powder is heated and melted and gasified instantly, then quenched, collected by a cyclone and cloth bag, Spherical silica powder is obtained. This method has a high heating temperature and can obtain a temperature more than five times higher than that of chemical combustion. The high temperature, high heat, and highly active atmosphere make the chemical reaction proceed very quickly; when the reaction material leaves the plasma, it is cooled rapidly, and the particles no longer grow; Plasma states in different atmospheres can be formed according to different needs, and the reactants can be selected in a wide range. However, the plasma technology is very difficult, making it difficult to control the modularization rate of the product, and it is difficult to form a large-scale production.
2. High-temperature melt spraying method
The high-temperature melt injection method places the material in a high-temperature field to melt it into a molten body. At the moment when the molten body flows out, it is sprayed with high-pressure air through the injector, and the molten material is dispersed and broken into a mist by the high-speed airflow. The small liquid droplets are rapidly cooled, and the small liquid droplets quickly and naturally shrink into spherical particles with smooth surfaces when they are cooled. The easiest way to ensure spheroidization and amorphous rate. However, the problem of equipment and pollution prevention may be solved.
3. Gas combustion flame method
The gas combustion flame method uses acetylene, hydrogen, natural, and other fuel gases as raw materials. It uses oxygen or air as the combustion gas to generate clean flames through combustion in a closed furnace. At the same time, the angular quartz powder is transported into the flame with airflow. When the angular powder passes through the high-temperature flame field, it is first melted into amorphous particles. When it leaves the high-temperature field and is cooled rapidly, it immediately shrinks and becomes spherical particles, and then the finished product is obtained through cyclone collection. The industrialization advantage of this method is obvious.
4. Chemical synthesis
The chemical synthesis method mainly adopts sol-gel technology to prepare spherical quartz powder in the presence of a dispersant and spherical catalyst. Spherical quartz powder produced by chemical methods can achieve 100% sphericity, spheroidization rate, and amorphous rate. It can achieve a very low radioactivity index, but its bulk density is low, the specific surface area is large, and the oil absorption rate is high. The maximum amount of addition of this spherical quartz powder is limited.
5. Gas-phase method
Gas-phase method SiO2 (known as gas-phase method white carbon black) is a fine and special amorphous powder material obtained by hydrolyzing silicon halides at high temperatures. The product has high purity, the average primary particle size is 7-40 nm, the specific surface area is 50-380 m2/g, and the SiO2 mass fraction is not less than 99.8%. Still, it is difficult to disperse in organic matter.
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