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Optical properties of zinc sulfide

Zinc sulfide is composed of sulfur and zinc elements, the chemical formula is ZnS, white or yellowish powder, and the color becomes dark when exposed to light. Zinc sulfide is mostly an n-type semiconductor.
Zinc sulfide is relatively stable in dry air and will gradually oxidize to zinc sulfate in humid air for a long time. It belongs to the direct bandgap with a bandwidth of about 3.7eV. Zinc sulfide as a semiconductor material has the following optical properties:
Luminous properties
A semiconductor produces light since those electrons within the valence bands are attracted to the conduction band. This leaves holes in the conduction band. Then the electrons in the conduction band and the holes in the valence band undergo radiative recombination to cause luminescence. Zinc sulfide is a wide bandgap II-VI semiconductor material with a wide bandgap of about 37eV and its intrinsic emission at about 330nm. The exciton binding energy of 38meV enables it to generate a large amount of exciton emission at room temperature, and its luminous efficiency is high. ZnS-doped nano luminescent materials have incomparable advantages over bulk materials in terms of morphology and properties, and the quantum confinement effect of nanoparticles may improve the quantum efficiency of materials. Zinc sulfide is one of the best substrates for luminescent materials so far, and it is widely used in many fields, such as; plasma and electroluminescence, cathode ray tube (for radar, TV, and oscilloscope) materials, and flat panel display. In addition, it is also used in sensors, X-ray fluorescence detection, and can also be used to make photoelectric (solar) sensitive components, etc.
Infrared characteristics
Zinc sulfide has a high refractive index for visible light but has a high transmittance for infrared light, and the transmittance can remain above 60% at 500 ° C. It is an important infrared transmission material. The zinc sulfide nanoparticles prepared by a specific method can achieve full-band high transmittance from visible light to far infrared. Therefore, it is considered an ideal infrared window material for early warning and tracking, infrared guidance, infrared communication, military night vision devices, etc., and is widely used in high-tech products such as infrared imaging.
Zinc sulfide crystals are birefringent. There will be two slightly different absorption edges parallel to or perpendicular to the c-axis, where significant anisotropy in photocurrent and electroluminescence has been observed. There is a difference of 10° or 10 in the direction parallel to the C-axis and perpendicular to the C-axis. These effects are attributed to the potential barrier created by anisotropic defects in the crystal. In applying ultraviolet photodetectors, future data storage, and transmission, semiconductor thin film materials sensitive to ultraviolet light are required, and zinc sulfide is very suitable for this application.
As a photonic material, zinc sulfide semiconductor material can generate photon holes.Under the condition of light where the photon energy exceeds the energy of the band gap in zinc sulfidethe electrons in the valence band will absorb the energy from the light and then jump to the empty conduction band, thus forming a positive charge on the valence band. The holes with good photo-redox properties can oxidize and degrade organic pollutants. Therefore, they are widely used in sewage treatment, biodegradation, and pollution treatment caused by oil spills.
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