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How is the solubility of niobium rod?

What is Molybdenum rod?
Niobium, element symbol: Nb, atomic number 41, is a VB group metal. Niobium has a density of 8.57 g/cm, a melting point of 2477°C and a boiling point of 4744 C. Niobium is a rare high melting point metal with silver gray, soft texture, and ductility. At room temperature, niobium does not react with air, and it will not be completely oxidized when it is red-hot in oxygen. Niobium can directly combine with sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon at high temperatures. Niobium does not react with inorganic acids or bases, nor does it dissolve in aqua regia, but it can dissolve in hydrofluoric acid. The content of niobium in the crust is 20 ppm, and the distribution of niobium resources is relatively concentrated. Niobium is widely used in steel, superconducting materials, aerospace, atomic energy, and other fields because of its good superconductivity, high melting point, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Niobium rod is made of niobium powder by forging and polishing. They are used in steel, metallurgy, atomic energy, superconductors, medical equipment, and so on.
Niobium is a refractory metal. Refractory metals are metals with a higher melting point (1772°C) than platinum. In refractory metals, the energy to bind individual atoms together is particularly high. Refractory metals have a high melting point, low vapor pressure, high elastic modulus, and high thermal stability. Refractory metals are also characterized by a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Compared with other refractory metals, the density of niobium is relatively low, only 8.6g/ cm³.
Uses of Molybdenum rod
In the chemical industry, niobium is a high-quality acid-resistant and liquid metal-resistant material, which can be used to make digesters, heaters, coolers, and so on. In addition, niobic acid is also an important catalyst.
Niobium is also used in the foundry industry, its main function is to form hard carbide (beneficial to wear resistance) and change the shape and size of graphite sheet, so it is often used to manufacture cylinder heads, piston rings, and brake pads of automobiles. In addition, niobium is sometimes used with gold and silver in commemorative coins.
Niobium is helpful to increase the light transmittance of lenses, so it is also used in the manufacture of lenses in the optical industry.
Niobium can also be used in the lighting industry. For example, the alloy of niobium and 1% zirconium can be used to make the precision bracket of high-efficiency and high-strength sodium vapor street lamps, which makes these small parts have high thermal strength, excellent formability, and sodium vapor corrosion resistance.
Price of Molybdenum rod
Molybdenum rod particle size and purity will affect the price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Molybdenum rod. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of Molybdenum rod can be found on our company's official website.
Molybdenum rod supplier
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