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How is sodium gluconate made?

What is Sodium gluconate?
Sodium gluconate is an organic substance with the chemical formula of C 6 H 11 NaO 7, which is widely used in industry. Sodium gluconate can be used as a high-efficiency chelating agent, steel surface cleaning agent, glass bottle cleaning agent, aluminum oxide coloring in the electroplating industry, high-efficiency retarder, and high-efficiency water reducer in the concrete industry, etc. It is a kind of sodium polyhydroxy carboxylic acid, which is also known as sodium hydroxy caproate, which is a white or light yellow crystalline granule or powder, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, and insoluble in ether. The product has a good effect on retardation and high-efficiency water reduction and is widely used in the construction, washing, food, and medicine industry.

Synthetic method of Sodium gluconate
In industry, glucose-containing substances (such as grains) are generally used as raw materials. Gluconic acid is prepared from glucose by fermentation and then neutralized by sodium hydroxide to obtain sodium gluconate. Electrolysis and oxidative synthesis can also be used. In China, the chemical oxidation-hypobromooxidation method is mostly used for production and synthesis.
According to the different kinds of fermentation enzymes used, the fermentation method can be divided into two minutes, one using the enzyme of Aspergillus Niger and the other using acid. The latter rule is to dehydrogenate glucose to form lactone and then decompose the ester.
Sodium gluconate can also be obtained directly from glucose fermentation. At this time, the composition of the fermentation medium can be glucose 250~350g/L, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 0.2~0.3g/L, diammonium hydrogen phosphate, or urea 0.4 ~ 0.5 g/L. This matrix must be sterilized. In the fermentation process, the temperature is controlled at 30-32 degrees, the pH is controlled at 5.5-6.5 by 30%-50% sodium hydroxide, and the fermentation process lasts for 40-100 hours. Then, microorganisms are removed by filtration and washing, decolorized by activated carbon, and filtered, concentrated, or spray-dried to obtain the finished product.
Price of Sodium gluconate
Sodium gluconate particle size and purity will affect the product's price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Sodium gluconate. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The price of Sodium gluconate can be found on our company's official website.
Sodium gluconate supplier
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