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Crystal substrate series - zinc sulfide

Zinc sulfide is an inorganic compound with white to slightly yellow powder. The light will change color. It gradually oxidizes to zinc sulfate when placed in humid air or containing moisture for a long time.
1. What are the properties of zinc sulfide

Zinc sulfide is crystallized after combustion in H2S gas and transformed into a β variant at 1020 ° C, a colorless cubic crystal. α type in sphalerite is insoluble in water, easily soluble in acid, and darkens when exposed to sunlight.
The reaction of hydrogen sulfide and zinc salt solution generally obtains zinc sulfide. If trace amounts of Cu, Mn, and Ag are added as activators to crystal ZnS, it can emit fluorescence of different colors after being illuminated. Used as analytical reagents, coatings, paints, white and opaque glass, filled rubber, plastics, and for the preparation of phosphors.
2. Specifications of zinc sulfide
After zinc sulfide powder is sintered and hot-pressed, the purity is 99.99%. It is mainly used for anti-counterfeiting, dielectric, and high-end decoration coating.
Zinc sulfide crystals are prepared by physical vapor deposition, and the purity can generally reach more than 99.99%. Since the accuracy of zinc sulfide crystals is higher than that of sintered zinc sulfide, zinc sulfide crystals can not only be used for decorative purposes. It can also be used for optical grade and infrared grade coatings, such as cold light coating, optical filters, high-reflective coatings, infrared coatings, etc.
Zinc sulfide powder is generally white and slightly yellow, with a particle size of a micron level. It can be mainly used for luminous materials, coatings, pigments, plastic modification, brake pad filling, etc.
3. Application of zinc sulfide
1)Chemical industry
Zinc sulfide is mainly used in paints and plastics in chemical production. It has become an essential pigment in stains due to its white opacity and insolubility in water, organic solvents, weak acids, and weak alkalis. Zinc sulfide is easy to disperse and challenging to agglomerate. It is neutral white and has good optical properties. It is often used as a component of thermosetting plastics, thermoplastic plastics, reinforced fiberglass, flame retardants, artificial rubber, and dispersants.
Zinc sulfide has good sintering properties and is used in ceramics. Studies have shown that the sintering performance of monodisperse particles of zinc sulfide powder is higher than that of agglomerated zinc sulfide, and as the particle size decreases, the sintering performance increases.
Cubic zinc sulfide has a high refractive index in the visible range and no light absorption in this band. Zinc sulfide is a wide-band gap semiconductor. The band gap of the bulk material is 3.75eV. The band gap of 3nm zinc sulfide particles is 4.13eV. It undergoes an apparent blue shift and is a potential photonic material. It is used for numbers, text, symbols, automatic analog displays, computer terminals and radar displays, and large-screen displays. It has irreplaceable uses in military, transportation, post and telecommunications, etc.
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