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Can flake graphite be used in functional coatings?

Flake graphite is a natural exocrystalline graphite; its shape is like phosphorus, hexagonal crystal system, and layered structure, with good high-temperature resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, lubrication, plastic and acid and alkali resistance properties.
What are the characteristics of flake graphite?
According to the level of carbon content classification: carbon content is more significant than 99.9% for high purity graphite; Carbon content is greater than 94%, less than 99% for high carbon graphite; Carbon content is greater than 80%, less than 94% is medium carbon ink; The carbon content is greater than 50% and less than 80% is low-carbon graphite. Flake graphite is pencil lead in the light industry, electrodes in the battery process, lubricating sealing materials in the chemical industry, etc. As a functional filler for coatings, it is mainly used in anti-corrosive, fireproof, and conductive coatings.
What is the specific application of flake graphite in refractories and coatings?
Flake graphite is widely used in high-grade refractory materials and coatings in the gold industry. Such as magnesia carbon brick, crucible, etc. Military-industrial fire materials stabilizer, smelting industry desulphurization accelerator, light industry pencil lead, electrical industry carbon brush, battery industry electrode, fertilizer industry catalyst, etc. After deep flake graphite processing, graphite emulsion can be produced for lubricant, release agent, wire drawing agent, conductive coating, etc. It can also produce expanded graphite for flexible graphite products, such as seals and composite products.
As an anti-corrosion material, carbon black, talc powder, and oil made of anti-rust primer have good chemical and solvent corrosion resistance.
Expandable graphite is used as a fire filler, a graphite interlayer compound obtained as raw material by chemical or electrochemical treatment based on natural graphite flake. In expandable graphite under heat conditions, the volume of rapid expansion (up to 300 times) suffocates the flame while generating expansion. It is non-combustible and has good softness, high surface energy, and good carbonization layer strength. However, the volume and dosage of the expansion body should be selected appropriately.
Flake graphite can be used as carbon conductive filler directly, or composite conductive filler can be used as conductive coating. However, the coating has changed due to the addition of many graphite sheets, affecting the application. Generally, measures will be taken to improve the electrical conductivity of graphite further and effectively reduce the amount of graphite flakes added.
The thermal conductivity of flake graphite is mainly reflected in the production and processing of graphite heat sinks. The heat dissipation principle of graphite heat dissipation technology is a typical thermal management system. The graphite heat sink effectively transfers heat by evenly distributing the heat in the two-dimensional plane, ensuring that the component works at the temperature under withstand. Significantly reduces its heat dissipation and improves the stability of the product.
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