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Golden Titanium Nitride, Multiple Uses.

Golden Titanium Nitride, Multiple Uses.
What is titanium nitride?
Titanium nitride is a very hard ceramic material that is often used as a coating on titanium alloys, steels, carbides, and aluminum components to improve the surface properties of the substrate.
It has a typical NaCl structure and is a face-centered cubic lattice, in which titanium atoms are located at the angular tip of the face-centered cubic. TiN is a non-stoichiometric compound, and its stable composition range is tin0.37-tin1.16. Nitrogen content can change within a certain range without causing changes in TiN structure. TiN powder is generally yellow-brown, ultra-fine TiN powder is black, and TiN crystal is golden. TiN has a higher melting point than most transition metal nitride and a lower density than most metal nitride.
As a thin coating, TiN is used to harden and protect cutting and sliding surfaces, for decorative purposes (due to its golden appearance), and as a non-toxic surface for medical implants. In most applications, the coating is less than 5 microns (0.00020 inches) thick.
More information about titanium nitride coating.
Titanium nitride coatings are used to enhance the materials with natural properties and chemicals. This makes it perfect for protecting metals from corrosion and other problems. Some tools may wear out over time. It depends on the hardness of the materials used for these tools, but the coating plays an important role in changing the game.
These coatings can be applied to handle wearing caused by adhesive and abrasion. The former occurs because of the non-smooth properties of these materials. The latter, occurring simultaneously, when there are issues with the bonding of their components. To minimize these systems, the coating makes it possible for the surfaces of these tools to be unaffected by external factors.
The applications of titanium nitride.
1. Titanium nitride drill bits
Titanium drill bits are a titanium nitride metal formulation used for High Speed Steel (HSS) drill bits. These titanium drill bits offer incredible surface hardness and corrosion resistance.
Titanium bits also greatly reduce the friction between the bit and the material being drilled through. And they are also ideal for cutting metal. They will last six times longer than standard HSS drills.
Titanium bits have higher hardness than cobalt bits. However, titanium is a layer of coating on the bit, so you can't sharpen the bit and hold the titanium coating.
2. Titanium nitride coating
Titanium nitride is also widely used as a top coating, usually with nickel (Ni) or chromium (Cr) plated substrates, on consumer piping fixtures and door hardware. As a coating, it is used in aerospace and military applications, and protects the sliding surfaces of suspension forks on bicycles and motorcycles, as well as the shock absorption shafts of radio-controlled cars. TiN is non-toxic, complies with FDA guidelines, and has been used in medical devices such as scalpels and orthopedic bone saws where sharpness and edge retention are important. TiN coatings are also used to implant prostheses (especially hip replacement implants) and other medical implants.
3. Bio-electronic applications
Because of its high biological stability, titanium nitride layer can also be used as an electrode in bioelectronics. For example, in intelligent implants or in-vivo biosensors that need to resist the severe corrosion caused by body fluids. TiN electrodes have been used in the sub-retinal prosthesis project and in biomedical micro-electromechanical systems.
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