High purity D50 8.5micro spherical graphite powder

Item No.: Tr-C02
Particle size: 8.5 micron
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Specification of spherical graphite powder

Spherical graphite powder  Purity: 99.98% 
Spherical graphite powder  APS: 8.5μm(Can be customized)
Spherical graphite powder  Ash: 0.021%
Spherical graphite powder  H2O: 0.08%

Spherical graphite powder  S content:62ppm

Spherical graphite powder  Fe content: 19ppm

Spherical graphite powder  Cl content: 30ppm

Spherical graphite powder  SSA: 11.79m2/g

Spherical graphite powder  Tap density:0.831g / ml

Spherical graphite powder  PH: 4.15
Spherical graphite powder  Morphology: Spherical
Spherical graphite powder  Color: black


Characteristics of spherical graphite powder:
Long life

High energy density

High compaction density

Using the highest quality imported artificial graphite developed


Applications of spherical graphite powder:
Used for high-end lithium ion prismatic, cylindrical polymer battery.

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