Selenide Powder

Gallium Selenide Ga2Se3 Powder CAS 12024-11-2

Item No.: TR-Ga2Se3
Particle Size: granule, -100mesh
Purity: 99.999%
Indium Selenide In2Se3 Powder CAS 12056-07-4
99.999% gallium triselenide powder; Ga2Se3 gallium selenide powder
1. Purity: 99.999%.
2. Particle size: 100 mesh; 200 mesh;
3. Test: icp-ms; XRD. Laser particle size analyzer. (please consult the test report of icp-ms, all impurity elements are lower than 10ppm)
4. Technical docking: CVD chemical vapor deposition: 2Ga +3Se=Ga2Se3;
5. Packaging: bottled: 2Kgs/ bottle.
6. Delivery time: 10 days.
7. Service: provide MSDS and practical protective measures, and provide material application solutions.
8.Samples: free samples are provided for customer testing.
9. Payment method: payment shall be made after the customer is qualified.
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