Nitride Powder

Europium Nitride EuN Powder CAS 12020-58-5

Item No.: Tr-EuN
Purity: 99%
Particle Size: 5-10um
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Product Performance of Europium Nitride EuN powder:
Our europium nitride powder is with high purity, ultrafine particle size, bigger surface area.
The chemical nature is lively, EuN will oxidize in the air and produce the hydrogen oxide and
release the ammonia in the water, dissolve in dilute acid.

Technical Parameter of Europium Nitride EuN powder:
Product Name MF Purity   Paticle Size Molecular Weight   Density 
europium nitride   EuN    99% 5-10um  165.97 5.74 black

Chemical Composition of Europium Nitride EuN powder:
EuN O Fe Ca C Si
99% 0.0015% 0.0005% 0.001% 0.0004% 0.0001%

Application of Europium Nitride EuN powder:
Used for phosphor raw materials.

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