Sulfide Powder

Copper Sulfide CuS CAS 1317-40-4

Item No.: TR-CuS
Particle size: -100mesh
Purity: 99.99%
Copper Sulfide CuS CAS 1317-40-4
Product Name: CuS Powder Copper Sulfide Powder
Purity: min 99%
Copper sulphide is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of CuS or CuI2CuII(S2)S. Therefore, two-thirds of the sulphur is actually a persulfate ion, and two-thirds of the copper is a cuprous ion, which is dark brown and extremely polar. Insoluble, it is one of the most insoluble substances (second only to silver sulfide, mercury sulfide, and sulphide sulfide) because its poor solubility makes some seemingly unacceptable reactions.
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