Phosphide Powder

Cobalt Phosphide Co2P Powder CAS 12134-02-0

Item No.: Tr-Co2P
Purity: 99.99%
Particle Size: -60 mesh
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Product Performance of Cobalt Phosphide Co2P Powder:
Our Cobalt Phosphide Co2P Powder has high purity, narrow size distribution, high temperature strength, high fracture strength, good chemical resistance, good thermal shock resistance, low density.
Cobalt phosphide is soluble in nitric acid and aqua regia, but insoluble in water. It is obtained by heating stoichiometric pure cobalt powder and red phosphorus to 650-700 ° C in a vacuum quartz tube.

Technical Parameter of Cobalt Phosphide Co2P Powder:
Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Melting Point Volume Density
( g/cm3 )
Cobalt Phosphide Co2P 99.99% -60 mesh 1386℃ 6.14 Gray
Application of Cobalt Phosphide Co2P Powder:
It is used as a semiconductor material.
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