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Why germanium is not preferred

What is Germanium powder?
Germanium is a naturally occurring element. Trace amounts can be found in shiitake mushrooms, garlic, tuna, and tomato juice. Some considered Germanium an elixir in the 1970s and '80s for diseases such as cancer and AIDS. It is expensive and more fragile than silicon. It has a low energy bandgap and a higher junction leakage current. Germanium will probably be used as a thin layer on an insulating substrate to overcome these disadvantages. The pieces resemble broken glass in shape but have a wonderful yellow-green tinge. Among Allium vegetables, garlic is rich in both Germanium and selenium. One of the best reasons to choose silicon over Germanium is its superior thermal stability. This is due to its higher melting point, which allows it to function better in hot conditions. While Germanium has a greater electrical conductivity, its insulating properties make it a poor choice for most consumer electronics.

Why germanium is not preferred?
The main reasons for silicon diodes to be preferred over germanium diodes are: Silicon diode is easier to produce than germanium diode due to the widespread availability of silicon. The silicon diode is less sensitive than the germanium diode. Hence the operation of silicon diodes is stable with temperature changes. Explanation: Germanium is a radioactive element. The most prevalent isotopes of Germanium are Germanium 70, Germanium 72, Germanium 73, Germanium 74, and Germanium 76. Where is Germanium Produced? China is the major worldwide producer of Germanium, responsible for around 60% of total production. It is estimated that 60% of this is produced from zinc ores and 40% from coal fly ash. The remaining production of Germanium comes from Canada, Finland, Russia, and the United States.

Is germanium metal toxic?
Germanium is not an essential element. Its acute toxicity is low. However, at least 31 reported human cases linked prolonged intake of germanium products with renal failure and even death. The element has unique optical properties, and unlike conventional silica-based glass, it is invisible to infrared light. It is, therefore, useful as a lens in infrared equipment. It is also valuable as an alloying agent for silver, where it inhibits tarnishing. Here are a few important facts about Germanium. Today, Germanium is primarily obtained from the smelting of zinc ores and the byproducts of burning certain types of coal. From the Latin word Germania, Germany.

Price of Germanium powder
Germanium powder particle size and purity will affect the product's Price, and the purchase volume can also affect the cost of Germanium powder. A large amount of large amount will be lower. The Price of Germanium powder is on our company's official website.

Germanium powder supplier
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