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What are the characteristics of titanium nitride coating?

What is Titanium Nitride?
Titanium nitride is a very hard ceramic material, usually used as a coating for titanium alloys, steel, carbides, and aluminum components to improve the substrate's surface properties. The Vickers hardness of TiN is 1800-2100, the elastic modulus is 251 GPa, the coefficient of thermal expansion is 9.35×10-6 K-1, and the superconducting transition temperature is 5.6K. Titanium nitride will oxidize at 800°C at normal temperature. TiN coating color is brown and golden. According to laboratory tests, it is chemically stable at 20°C but will be slowly corrupted by concentrated acid solutions at high temperatures. 

Advantages of Titanium Nitride
(1) Anti-wear;
(2) With a bright appearance;
(3) It is safe and can be used in surgical and food utensils;
(4) It has a lubricating effect and can reduce friction;
(5) With anti-corrosion function;
(6) Can withstand high temperatures.
Application of Titanium Nitride
Titanium nitride has a metallic luster and can be used as a simulated gold decoration material, which has a good application prospect in the gold decoration industry; titanium nitride can also be used as a gold paint in the jewelry industry; at present, it is often used in daily-use ceramics and art ceramics. The titanium nitride coating is deposited on the surface of ceramics by the CVD method, which has wear resistance and a golden luster decoration effect; thus, it can replace and save expensive gold.
   Titanium nitride coatings are very hard, golden yellow, and usually only a few microns in size. Compared with uncoated molds and tools, titanium nitride coating can increase the speed and feed speed of the tool because it not only has a higher film hardness but also can reduce the friction between the tool and the workpiece and reduce the friction between the tool and the workpiece. The required cutting tool is used to extend the service life of the mold and tool.
   Titanium nitride can be coated on glass as a film. When the infrared reflectivity is greater than 75%, when the thickness of the titanium nitride film is greater than 90nm, it can effectively improve the thermal insulation performance of the glass. In addition, adjusting the percentage of nitrogen in the titanium nitride can change the color of the titanium nitride film, thereby achieving an ideal aesthetic effect.
What is the price of Titanium Nitride?
You can contact us to get the latest price information. Generally speaking, the price of Titanium Nitride will be affected by various factors, such as market supply and demand, production cost, raw material price, transportation cost, process technology, etc. According to the different changes in these factors, the price of Titanium Nitride will also fluctuate.
How to buy Titanium Nitride?
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