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By Dr.Zhang from Zhengzhou University | 24 May 2019 | 0 Comments

The New Technological Star---Silica Aerogel

1. A Brief Introduction of Silica Aerogel
Silicon aerogel is a gel material with a dispersion medium of gas. It is a nanoporous solid-set material with a network structure composed of colloidal particles or polymer molecules. The solid phase and pore structure are both It is in the order of nanometers. Because of its unique structure and properties, it has shown great application value in many fields.
2.The Performance of Silica AerogelSince silicon aerogel is a porous material with nanostructures, it exhibits unique properties in mechanics, acoustics, thermals, optics, etc., which are distinctly different from porous materials with pore structures on the order of microns and millimeters. The nanostructures make the material's thermal conductivity extremely low, have a large specific surface area, and the scattering of light and sound is much smaller than that of traditional porous materials, all of which not only make the material interesting in basic research, And it has a wide range of application prospects in many fields.
  • The Application of Silica Aerogel
The pure silica aerogel is transparent and colorless, because it has strong scattering to blue light and ultraviolet light. This means that the silica aerogel has almost no loss of reflection to the incident light, so the material is particularly suitable for solar collector systems.
Due to the low acoustic velocity of silicon aerogel, the acoustic impedance of the material has a large variable range. It is an ideal material for acoustic resistance of ultrasonic detector. If silicon aerogel with density gradient is used, higher sound intensity can be expected.
  • The New Research of Silica Aerogel
As a nanomaterial with special structure, SiO2 aerogel has a broad application prospect in many aspects. With the in-depth understanding of its properties and the improvement of preparation technology, it will definitely play an important role in the development of materials in the future. After more than 80 years of development, SiO2 aerogel material has gradually stepped into the industrial application stage from the research and development stage in the laboratory. Although it is expensive and the application scale is limited, it cannot be replaced in the civil, aerospace, military and other high-tech fields. For further development of SiO2 aerogel, low cost, standardization, lightweight, compounding and flexibility will be the main directions.
  • The Prospect of the Development in the Future
With the development of science and technology today, and in the 21st century when people pursue lightweight, easy to carry, excellent performance and diversified functions for all materials, silicon aerogel, as the lightest solid material in the world, will have broad development and application prospects due to its special structure and properties. Especially after the successful return of shenzhou vi spacecraft, the preparation of silica aerogel has been greatly promoted. With super light silica aerogel materials as the next shenzhou spacecraft and astronauts spacesuit materials not only lightweight, sound insulation, resistance, and can also capture the space dust in space, high-energy particle detection and so on and so on, to run some space experiment, it is not only to make a great contribution to the cause of China's aerospace, and promote the development of the whole of the science and technology.

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