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A True Wonder of Nature - Beautiful and Practical Quartz!

A True Wonder of Nature—Beautiful and Practical Quartz!
What is quartz?
Quartz powder is a continuous tetrahedral mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, and each oxygen atom is shared by two tetrahedrons. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the earth's continental crust after feldspar. There are various types of quartz, such as amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, and so on.
Quartz is also known as silica powder. Quartz sand is a hard, wear-resisting, stable chemical properties of silicate minerals, and its main mineral composition is SiO2. The color of quartz sand is milky white or colorless translucent. Its hardness is 7, bulk density (20-200 mesh is 1.5) and its density is 2.65 with oily luster. It is insoluble in acid, slightly soluble in KOH solution. Its chemical, thermal and mechanical properties has obvious anisotropy, and its melting point is 1650 ℃. After quartzite is processed, the products whose general fineness is below 120 mesh (less than 120 mesh) known as quartz sand while those more than 120 are called quartz powder.
What are the properties of quartz powder?
Ultrafine quartz powder has the following characteristics:
  1. significantly improved resistance performances of compressive, flexural, impermeability, corrosion, impact and abrasion;
  2. with water retention, prevent segregation, bleeding, significantly reduce the pumping resistance of concrete pumping;
  3. Improve the compactness of castable refractory materials. When coexisting with Al2O3, easier to be mullite and to reach high temperature strength and strong thermal shock resistance.
The uses of quartz powder.
  1. In the field of coatings and fillers: quartz powder has a good scattering and extinction effect, relatively low density and bright color. Its brightness can reach 92-95. It will replace the traditional reflective glass beads and be used in industrial applications, and used in paint where the skid resistance has been greatly improved.
  2. In industrial production of nylon casting and resin casting, ultra-fine quartz powder is often used to reduce the cooling shrinkage of casting; Adding ultrafine silica powder to nylon and all resin systems can reduce shrinkage of resin during cooling.
  3. In glass and metallurgical industrial manufacturing, the use of ultra-fine quartz powder scattering and good extinction ability, can make optical glass instruments, conductive glass and various packaging cans.
4.  In the casting industry, quartz powder is used as additive and flux to reduce the shrinkage rate of casting in the cooling process, and the high silicon content of quartz powder is used to produce silicon alloy in the metal smelting.
 Ultrafine powder mill plays an important role in the processing of fine powder, providing ultrafine powder with high efficiency, high capacity and energy saving equipment, and at the same time producing quartz powder with different fineness for customers, further expanding the application field of ultrafine quartz powder.
The potential of quartz.
Recently, materials researchers of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland have developed a way to make a breakthrough in lithium-sulfur batteries. In theory, lithium-sulfur batteries can provide more energy than today's conventional lithium-ion batteries, but current prototypes show significant capacity losses after a few recharges. As a result, they are not yet suitable for widespread use, for example in electric cars. With their new approach, the researchers were able to gain key insights into how rapid capacity losses occur. They found that the loss could be slowed by adding quartz powder to the battery's liquid component.
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