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What Are The Advantages of 3D Printing Technology?

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Update time : 2019-09-30 15:33:09
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Computers have evolved to date, and their most successful applications focus on the processing, storage, and delivery of information. These applications have dramatically changed people's lives. However, with the gradual enhancement of computer functions and the further development of computing technology, more and more applications have been limited to information from information to information, but to use information to change the world and the interaction between people and the objective world. 3D printing is such a technology. The emergence of 3D printing technology has brought many unexpected surprises to people, not only promoting the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, but also making a huge change in the environment in which we live.

3D printing An anti-traditional cutting material removal method that uses additive manufacturing techniques to machine objects of any complex shape. This technology is still evolving and upgrading, and the precision from materials to processing has been greatly improved. In addition, after decades of twists and turns, the research of artificial intelligence finally made a new breakthrough, providing powerful software support for 3D printing. The development of materials and software interacts to form a completely new approach to design and manufacturing that will revolutionize existing industrial structures.
Since the development of 3D printing technology, it has gradually grown into a key industry that can meet industrial production and realize the transformation of manufacturing industry. It is widely used in various fields of production and life. Compared with traditional manufacturing, the advantages of 3D printing technology are mainly reflected in the following aspects. :

Low-cost manufacturing of complex product parts:

The more complex the shape of the product parts, the higher the manufacturing cost, which is the familiarity of traditional manufacturing. With 3D printing technology, the cost increase in the manufacture of complex shaped parts is not obvious, and a complex shaped part consumes the same time and cost as a simple block. Therefore, many 3D printing service providers use the weight of printed items as an important basis when accounting for 3D printing costs and market quotations.
Convenient manufacturing of personalized product parts

3D printing requires only a different digital design blueprint and a new batch of raw materials to make different parts, making single-piece manufacturing fast and low-cost, making the cost of single-piece manufacturing close to mass production, especially for personalized medical and high-end medical treatment. instrument. Such as artificial bone, surgical model, orthopedic navigation template.
Manufacturing parts without assembly parts:

3D printing enables the integration of components without the need for assembly, which shortens the supply chain and saves labor and transportation costs. The traditional mass production is based on the assembly line. The more components a product has, the more time and cost it takes to assemble.

Zero inventory product manufacturing model:

3D printing can be printed quickly and on demand. This means that the company can also produce on-demand in actual production operations, without hoarding physical inventory, which greatly reduces the production cost and capital risk of the enterprise. There is also the advantage that if people are producing on demand, the cost of long-distance logistics can be controlled to the utmost.

Open and free design:

3D printing can produce parts with complex shapes, and you can get what you want. Direct design data drive, no need for traditional manufacturing necessary tooling mold manufacturing and other production preparation, programming is simple. In the product innovation design and design verification, the technicians have opened up a huge design space, which can be designed according to the function of the product, without considering a series of links such as processing and assembly.
Zero-skilled product manufacturing:

Direct reading of various instructions from the design file, remote control by the computer, making the same complex parts, 3D printing requires less operational skills than traditional manufacturing, no longer need employees to master the apprentices for several years skill.

High material utilization efficiency:

Additive manufacturing only accumulates materials where needed, and material utilization is close to 100%. Large-scale complex structural parts such as aerospace use traditional cutting, and often 95%-97% of expensive materials are removed. The use of additive manufacturing in the manufacture of aerospace equipment R&D machines will greatly save material and manufacturing costs and is of great value.
Any combination of materials:

With the development of multi-material 3D printing technology, a variety of different raw materials will be organically integrated, and global research on high-end materials for 3D printing has never stopped. High-end materials such as composite materials and nano materials will enable 3D printing. More possibilities for product innovation.
Precise product part copying:

With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, 3D scanners have emerged to help users more easily convert real-world objects into data that can be used for 3D printing. The combination of the two extends digital precision to the physical world, enabling accurate reproduction of objects. . For example, 3D prints a face avatar, and as long as a single face is a frontal photo, the facial features of the person can be printed vividly.

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