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Excellent Performance of Gold Colloidal Solution, Especially The Nano Gold Skin Care

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Update time : 2020-02-20 15:48:10

Colloidal gold nanoparticles refer to the small particles of gold, which have  a diameter of 1 to 100 nm, have high electron density, dielectric properties,  and catalysis. Colloidal gold nanoparticles with various particle diameters can  be conveniently prepared from chloroauric acid by reduction method, and its  color is red to purple depending on the particle size.

Gold nanoparticle solution's powerful ability comes from its special optical  properties. Nano gold's anti-aging, freckle, and repairability, which comes from  its unique optical properties, so nano gold beauty belongs to photodynamic  physical beauty. The optical properties of gold nanorods of the same quality are 30 times  higher than that of gold nanospheres, and the beauty effect of gold nanorods of  the same quality is 30 times higher than that of gold nanospheres. At present,  most nano-gold cosmetic products on the market are added with gold nanospheres,  which can increase cell energy by 68 times.


Gold colloidal solution uses high-purity gold as a raw material. After  special new processing technology, the gold is made to a particle size of less  than 15nm, which greatly improves the inherent characteristics of gold, such as  catalytic effect, free radical removal effect, dispersion effect, and so on.

The stimulus-response assembly of nanoparticles is an effective way to obtain  switch-function devices with the excellent performance or reconfigurable  materials with unique functions. Among them, light-controlled reversible  assembly of nanoparticles has attracted particular attention.

For inorganic nanoparticles that do not have photo responsiveness, surface  chemical modification to give the nanoparticle specific photo responsiveness is  often a prerequisite for the realization of light-controlled reversible assembly  of nanoparticles, and the tedious or harsh surface chemical modification limits  the wide application of this method.

Gold nanoparticle solution has the characteristics:

Efficient catalysis

Removal of free radicals

Antibacterial effect

Strong antioxidant power

to promote metabolism

Corrosion resistance

Abrasion resistance

Anticorrosive performance

No allergies to any skin

Adding gold colloidal solution to cosmetics has the following three  effects:

1. High absorption and promote absorption;

Active gold itself has a very strong conduction force. Its unique  introduction can promote the metabolism of fibroblasts and epidermal cells,  accelerate the penetration of nutrients into the dermis, improve  microcirculation, and activate cell vitality. It can introduce active  ingredients into the skin, significantly improving the skin's absorption and  retention of nutrients and moisture.


2. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging;

Gold foil with negative ion active gold can activate the fibrous tissue under  the skin, activate the skin's metabolism, activate cell vitality and skin  elasticity, delay the generation of wrinkles and make the skin not only whiten  and UV resistant. Moreover, it accelerates blood circulation and plays an  antioxidant role, reducing the activity of free radicals, thereby helping us to  delay skin aging.

3. Firm and wrinkle

The negative ions in the gold foil can release the natural active ingredients  transmitted by the surface of the nano-gold particles, this improves the  firmness and elasticity of the skin and activates the skin's metabolism.

Nano Gold Solution is widely used in:

Coloring agents for food, glass, and organisms.

Identification technology for genetic genes.

For the purification of environmental purification products.

Preservatives for food and cosmetics.

Added to cosmetics to play a role in whitening, anti-aging, emollient.

Production of antibacterial, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory drugs, medical  equipment, health supplies, beauty care equipment.

Production of various daily necessities, food, drinks, etc. that are closely  related to people's lives, such as nano gold soap, toothbrush, various beauty  masks.

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